Nonproliferation Review • 5.2 • Winter 1998

Volume 5 • Number 2


Israel and the Evolution of U.S. Nonproliferation Policy: The Critical Decade (1958-1968)
by Avner Cohen

The Disposition of Excess Weapons Plutonium: A Comparison of Three Narrative Contexts
by Alexandra von Meier, Jennifer Lynn Miller, and Ann C. Keller

Norms and Nuclear Proliferation: Sweden’s Lessons for Assessing Iran
by Eric Arnett

U.S. Export Control Policy in the High Performance Computer Sector
by Robert Johnston


China’s Strategic Missile Programs: Limited Aims, Not “Limited Deterrence”
by Hongxun Hua

The Case for Universal Full-Scope Safeguards on Nuclear Material
by Annette Schaper

Verifying a Multilateral Ban on Nuclear Weapons: Lessons from the CWC
by Jonathan B. Tucker

Assessing the Development of a Modern Safeguards Culture in the NIS
by James E. Doyle and Stephen V. Mladineo


U.S. Dilemmas in Meeting the CWC’s Destruction Deadline
by Cynthia Miller and Christina Larson

Nonproliferation Approaches in the Caucasus
by Tamara C. Robinson

The April 1998 NPT PrepCom
by Tariq Rauf


Nuclear-and Missile-Related Trade and Developments for Selected Countries
by Michael Barletta, Clay Bowen, Kimber Cramer, and R. Adam Moody


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