Nonproliferation Review • 5.1 • Fall 1998

Volume 5 • Number 1


Surprise Down Under: The Secret History of Australia’s Nuclear Ambitions
by Jim Walsh

U.S. Policy on Ballistic Missile Proliferation: The MTCR’s First Decade (1987-1997)
by Wyn Q. Bowen

International Control of Nuclear Proliferation: Beyond Carrots and Sticks
by Ronald B. Mitchell

Japan’s Plutonium Policy: Consequences for Nonproliferation
by Eiichi Katahara

U.S. Senate Ratification of the CWC: Lessons for the CTBT
by John V. Parachini


The Duma-Senate Logjam on Arms Control: What Can Be Done?
by George Bunn and John B. Rhinelander

U.S. Missile Nonproliferation Strategy towards the NIS and China: How Effective?
by Victor Zaborsky

Promoting Nuclear cooperation in East Asia: Safety, the Environment, and Nonproliferation
by John N. Olsen and Richard C. Lincoln


Syria’s Chemical and Biological Weapons: Assessing Capabilities and Motivations
by M. Zuhair Diab

The Indian-Russian Light Water Reactor Deal by R. Adam Moody

Iran’s Nuclear Procurement Program: How Close to the Bomb?
by Andrew Koch and Jeanette Wolf


Nuclear-and Missile-Related Trade and Developments for Selected Countries
by Michael Barletta, Clay Bowen, Kimber Cramer, and R. Adam Moody


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