Nonproliferation Review • 4.3 • Spring-Summer 1997

Volume 4 • Number 3


The Legal Status of U.S. Negative Security Assurances to Non-Nuclear Weapon States
by George Bunn

Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones: A History and Assessment
by Jozef Goldblat

Turkey’s Quest for Peaceful Nuclear Power
by Mustafa Kibaroglu


Terrorism and WMD: Some Preliminary Hypotheses
by Bruce Hoffman

Theater Missile Defense and South Asia: A Volatile Mix
by Gregory Koblentz

Missile Proliferation in East Asia: Arms Control vs. TMD Responses
by James Clay Moltz

Proliferation in Northeast Asia: South Koreas Dual-Use Technology Imports from Japan
by Reinhard Drifte

Addressing the Implications of the Japanese Fuel Cycle through Transparency
by Charles W. Nakhleh


Libya’s Pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction
by Joshua Sinai

Social and Environmental Aspects of Abandoned Chemical Weapons in China
by Hongmei Deng and Peter OMeara Evans

Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Program: A Status Report
by Andrew Koch and Jennifer Topping

Evidence Iraq Used Chemical Weapons During the 1991 Persian Gulf War
by Jonathan B. Tucker

Yugoslavia’s Nuclear Legacy: Should We Worry?
by Andrew Koch


Nuclear and Missile Trade and Developments for Selected Countries
by Wyn Bowen, Kimber Cramer, Andrew Koch, and Adam Moody


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