Nonproliferation Review • 4.2 • Winter 1997

Volume 4 • Number 2


Norway’s Nuclear Odyssey: From Optimistic Proponent to Nonproliferator
by Astrid Forland

Tactical Nuclear Weapons Elimination: Next Step for Arms Control
by Nikolai Sokov

Upgrading Security at Nuclear Power Plants in the Newly Independent States
by Oleg Bukharin

The Evolution of China’s Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy
by Mingquan Zhu


Strengthening the BWC: Lessons from the UNSCOM Experience
by Annabelle Duncan and Kenneth G. Johnson

Preparing for the April 1997 NPT PrepCom
by Tariq Rauf

Neither Hype Nor Complacency: WMD Proliferation after the Cold War
by Harald Müller

Getting Burnt by Weapons Plutonium: Security Implications of U.S. Disposition Options
by Adam Bernstein


The United Nations Register of Conventional Arms: Increasing Transparency for Four Years
by Tracy M. Keith

Stemming Russia’s Plutonium Tide: Cooperative Efforts to Convert Military Reactors
by Todd Perry


Nuclear-Related Trade and Cooperation Developments for Selected States July – October 1996

Ballistic, Cruise Missile, and Missile Defense Systems: Trade and Significant Developments July – October 1996

Missile and Space Launch Capabilities of Selected Countries
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