Nonproliferation Review • 3.2 • Winter 1996

Volume 3 • Number 2


Japan’s Plutonium Program: A Proliferation Threat?
by Motoya Kitamura

U.S. Assistance Programs for Improving MPC&A in the Former Soviet Union
by Jessica E. Stern

The Cost of Disarmament: Dismantlement of Weapons and the Disposal of Military Surplus
by Susanne Kopte, Michael Renner, and Peter Wilke


Target Rogue Behavior, Not Rogue States
by Richard T. Cupitt

Between a Rock and a Hard-Drive: Export Controls on Supercomputers
by John Arquilla

The HEU Deal and the U.S. Enrichment Corporation
by Richard A. Falkenrath

The Nunn-Lugar Program Should Be Increased, Not Reduced
by Kostyantyn Hryshchenko, Bulat Nurgaliev, and Andrei Sannikov

New Directions and Tools for Strengthening IAEA Safeguards
by David A.V. Fischer


The United Nations Register of Conventional Arms: On Course in Its Third Year of Reporting
by Edward J. Laurance and Tracy M. Keith


Nuclear-Related Trade and Cooperation Developments for Selected States July – October 1995

Ballistic, Cruise Missile, and Missile Defense Systems: Trade and Significant Developments July – October 1995


Missile and Space Launch Capabilities of Selected Countries
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