Nonproliferation Review • 26.3/4

Volume 26 • Numbers 3 & 4


Joshua H. Pollack and Rhianna Tyson Kreger




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Nikolai Sokov / Robert Gallucci / James Lebovic / Alexandra Bell


Deferred verification: verifiable declarations of fissile-material stocks for disarmament purposes
Pavel Podvig and Joseph Rodgers

Deferred verification: the role of new verification technologies and approaches
Tamara Patton and Alexander Glaser

“We will not make the bomb because we do not want the bomb”: understanding the technopolitical regime that drives the Brazilian nuclear program
Renata H. Dalaqua

Gas, power, and norms: competing logics for the declining use of chemical weapons
Damir Kovacevic, Afrimadona, and Martin Claar

The end of the INF Treaty and the US-China military balance
Shahryar Pasandideh

Baekgom: The development of South Korea’s first ballistic missile
Nicholas Seltzer

Undergraduate disarmament and nonproliferation education: gaps, opportunities, and new approaches
Sarah Bidgood

Wooing Kampala: a case study in implementing the nonproliferation sanctions against North Korea
Sayaka Shingu


Models of scientific and technological review for the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention: a conceptual analysis
Nicholas G. Evans


Bargaining on Nuclear Tests: Washington and its Cold War Deals, by Or Rabinowitz
Reviewed by Vipin Narang

When Proliferation Causes Peace: The Psychology of Nuclear Crises, by Michael D. Cohen
Reviewed by Jacques E.C. Hymans

Preventing Chemical Weapons: Arms Control and Disarmament as the Sciences Converge, edited by Michael Crowley, Malcolm Dando, and Lijun Shang
Reviewed by Paul F. Walker

Biosecurity in Putin’s Russia, by Raymond A. Zilinskas and Philippe Mauger
Reviewed by Michael Moodie and Amanda Moodie

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