Nonproliferation Review • 25.5/6

Volume 25 • Numbers 5/6


Joshua H. Pollack and Rhianna Tyson Kreger



Moyara Ruehsen

SPECIAL SECTION: Nuclear dimensions of the 1967 War

Introduction to the special section
Avner Cohen and Joshua H. Pollack

The nuclear dimension(s) of the 1967 war: an Israeli perspective
Avner Cohen

Israeli nuclear capabilities in mid-1967: what Washington knew (and didn’t know)
William Burr

Missing the mark: Dimona and Egypt’s slide into the 1967 Arab–Israeli War
Hassan Elbahtimy

The Israeli nuclear drama of May 1967: a personal testimony
Eliezer Geisler

Excerpts from a 1999 conversation with IDF Brigadier General (ret.) Yitzhak (Ya’tza) Ya’akov
Avner Cohen


Managing Indian deterrence: pressures upon credible minimum deterrence and nuclear policy options
Frank O’Donnell and Debalina Ghoshal

The potential stigmatizing effect of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
Tom Sauer and Mathias Reveraert

Safeguards and security risks at the (very) front end of the nuclear fuel cycle
Justin V. Hastings and Cindy Vestergaard

The history of fissile-material production in China
Hui Zhang

“Defense by other means”: the future evolution of Cooperative Threat Reduction
Adam David Williams and Rodney Wilson

Swarming destruction: chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons implications of swarming-drone technology
Zak Kallenborn and Philipp C. Bleek


United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 and the importance of regional coordinators
Gregory Marcus and Ashley A.C. Hess


The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy: Why Strategic Superiority Matters, by Matthew Kroenig and The Case for US Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century, by Brad Roberts
Reviewed by Jeffrey Knopf

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