Nonproliferation Review • 11.2 • Summer 2004

Volume 11 • Number 2


Rethinking Interdiction: The Future of the Proliferation Security Initiative
Thomas D. Lehrman

Israel and the South African Bomb
Peter Liberman

Ostrich Engagement: The Bush Administration and the North Korea Nuclear Crisis
Wade L. Huntley

Fiddling While Rome Burns? The 2004 NPT PrepCom
John Simpson and Jenny Nielsen


Criminalization and Control of WMD Proliferation: The Security Council Acts
Barry Kellman

Scorpions in a Bottle: China and the U.S. in Space
Joan Johnson-Freese


The BWC Protocol: Mandate for Failure
Kenneth D. Ward


Inside the Soviet Bioweapon Machine: Igor Domaradkij’s Biowarrior
Reviewed by Sergei Popov


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