Man in a protective suit and helmet picks through vials with a gloved hand

Spore Wars: The Havoc of COVID-19 to Spark New Concern over Bioweapons

In theory they are banned, but some countries may produce them covertly.

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) logo

Russia, the USA and China Should Work Together against Natural or Deliberate Biological Threats

An interview concerning COVID-19, pandemics, and terrorism, with CNS’ Richard Pilch.

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“Test, Flex, and Scale” – An Operational Plan for COVID-19 Recovery in Resource-Constrained America

A plan to overcome US limitations in testing, tracing, and healthcare.

Flags of member nations at the United Nations Headquarters, seen in 2007 (Src: Aotearoa, Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion – COVID-19 Underscores the Need for International Partnerships in the Life Sciences

The COVID-19 pandemic offers a unique opportunity to build bridges through public and veterinary health.

People in Shiraz walking next to a closed market, March 14, 2020. Image credit: Mohammadreza Farbood via Wikimedia Commons.

Coronavirus in the Middle East: A Rare Opportunity for Diplomacy?

Ironically, the conflict and instability-plagued Middle East could turn the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity.

Professor Pamela R. Berenbaum, director of the Global Health Program at Middlebury College

Pamela R. Berenbaum Joins CNS as Non-Resident Fellow

An infectious disease epidemiologist joins the World War “V” initiative at CNS.

Defense One

How to Counter China’s Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign

Beijing is using lies to undermine America’s standing; the US should fight back with science and truth.

Touro Infirmary in Uptown New Orleans added walk-in testing for Coronavirus on 2020-03-21 (Src: Paulscrawl, Wikimedia Commons)

Regional Pairing to Mitigate Overwhelmed Healthcare Systems

By sharing resources, states would be best protected against COVID-19 spread and economic impact.

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Opinion: To Prevent the Next Covid-19, We Must Address Not Just Supply But Demand

If we want to get serious about preventing future outbreaks that resemble COVID-19, we must change the public mindset.

COVID-19 coronavirus diagram (Src: CDC)

World War “V”: The COVID-19 Pandemic

CNS resources on COVID-19, based on decades of experience at the biosecurity/global health nexus.