English Language and Nonproliferation (ELAN) Program


Become part of the 15-year old program, which has trained over 65 scientists and export control officials & professionals. They have learned to enhance controls over nuclear, chemical, and biological assets in their respective countries.

Learn English-as-a-second-language with a specific focus on nonproliferation, covering:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • Export controls
  • Nuclear safety and security
  • Biosafety and biosecurity
  • Writing for scientific publication
  • Cross-cultural communication


Nonproliferation professionals learn how to:

  • Interact with international colleagues at professional meetings
  • Use optimal English in cooperative defense & public health projects with English-speaking collegues
  • Cultivate international nonproliferation norms and codes of conduct among the scientific community

Signature Courses

The Monterey-based is an 8-week immersion session, including 3 signature courses:

  • English for Nuclear Safety and Security
  • ELAN for Export Controls
  • English for Biosafety and Biosecurity

Learn to interact with professionals from other countries to communicate well at international meetings, while working on projects and using English-language documents.

The course is divided into 3 modules:

  • English for Nonproliferation
  • English for Professional Purposes
  • Listening, Speaking and Culture

Instruction is tailored to match the participants’ language levels, interests, and needs, which are established at the beginning of the program. In addition to six hours of intensive daily language study, all participants are immersed in both formal and informal environments that reinforce speaking and listening skills.

Participants attend staff lectures on nonproliferation issues, speak on an individual basis with experts in their respective fields and give one formal presentation to staff in the final week of the program.

Short Courses

Custom-designed, in-country, short intensive courses are also available.